5 Tips to Improve Your Shooting Skills at the Range

5 Tips to Improve Your Shooting Skills at the Range

The saying goes, “Confidence comes from discipline and training.” When it comes to gun safety and proper handling, this could not be more true. Becoming more comfortable around firearms and honing your range skills takes time and practice. Even if you already have experience, there is always room to improve your shooting skills.

Here are our tips to help improve your skills and make the most out of your range training.

  1. Get familiar with your firearm
  2. Work on your stance
  3. Focus on accuracy
  4. Perfect your trigger pull
  5. Dry Fire

Confidence at the shooting range comes from practice, familiarity, and more practice. Experienced marksmen did not get their skills overnight, and many agree that it takes discipline and focus to become proficient in handling firearms.

Get Familiar with Your Firearm

If practice makes perfect, then finding a firearm you’re interested in and becoming familiar with that firearm is critical. Although it’s tempting to try an assortment of firearms, focus on using one at a time. Getting familiar with your firearm is often overlooked and could lead to mistakes, both on the range and in real-life situations. Knowing the ins and outs of each gun you use will help you become a better marksman and improve your shooting skills. In addition, as you practice with each firearm individually, you will become more confident in your skills and your ability to handle each weapon.

Work on Your Stance

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, your stance plays a significant role in your accuracy. Start by squaring your shoulders with your hips facing the target and have your feet about shoulder-width apart. Next, if you are a right-handed shooter, stand with your left foot slightly forward and your right foot back. In contrast, if you’re left-handed, you would adjust your feet with the right foot forward and the left foot back. This is the basic beginner stance and the most common one you should use while practicing at the range. 

Focus on Accuracy to Improve your Shooting Skills

A lucky shot on a target is one thing; hitting that same spot repeatedly with accuracy and precision each time is another skill entirely. Accuracy is everything. If you’re a beginner, start with the target at a closer distance. Try firing a few shots from several yards away and focus on getting them within a few inches of each other. As you get more comfortable and your accuracy improves, you can move the target to further distances. Practice makes perfect, so continually pushing through each stage will help you improve your shooting skills.

Perfect Your Trigger Pull

You might be thinking, “How hard is it to pull a trigger?” Well, you would be surprised at how pulling the trigger can affect your accuracy. Most people don’t often consider this a factor to their precision, but do your research and learn some tips on handling the trigger of your firearm to improve your shooting skills.

Dry Fire

If you notice that you’re dropping shots and can’t diagnose what you’re doing wrong, stop and try dry firing instead. Not only will it save you ammo, but dry firing allows you to find your problem and correct it. Shooters often adjust their stance without realizing, drop their muzzle, or flinch when anticipating the shot. These actions can cause you to miss your target, and dry firing allows you to reset and work through the issue. Focus on the basics again, problem-solve, and get back to practicing.

Ready to improve your Shooting Skills?

While these tips are worth implementing for accurate shooting, practice with your gun will always help you become a better shooter. Consider becoming a member at your local range to get in extra practice or take additional training. If you are looking for a gun store and range to help you select a gun, train you, and more, then you should consider Spring Guns and Ammo! With exceptional customer service and a top-notch facility, you can improve your shooting in no time! Contact us today to find out how you can become a better shooter.

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