5 Best Gun Holster Styles for Women

5 Best Gun Holster Styles for Women

One of the most common questions asked after purchasing a firearm is “what type of holster should I buy?” Whether you are a long-time expert or a concealed carry novice, finding the right gun holsters for women can be an interesting process. Not only do you need a holster that will last you for years, but you also need to safely protect your trigger guard and easily access your firearm.

Here are the 5 Best Gun Holster Styles for Women.

  • Inside the Waistband Holster
  • Outside the Waistband Holster
  • Thigh Holster
  • Belly Band Holster
  • Corset Holster

If you’ve decided to carry concealed and have found the best firearm for you, the next logical step to take is deciding on the type of holster you will need. Understanding the difference between gun holsters can help you make an informed decision about what type you need and the best way to conceal carry.

Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB)

The Inside the Waistband Holster is one of the most popular options. Not only does an IWB allows you to safely carry your firearm, but it also has the added bonus of being comfortable and easy to conceal. These holsters can be attached to a gun belt and will remain in place and secured all day long.

Outside the Waistband Holsters (OWB)

Equally as common as the IWB, an Outside the Waistband gun holster for women is a highly favored and popular option. They are worn outside the gun belt and are a great option for a compact firearm. Coupled with a jacket or cardigan, you can easily conceal it under your shirt and you’re good to go.

Thigh Holster for Women

Compared to a waistband holster, a thigh holster can be a great option if you prefer wearing skirts or dresses. It allows you to conceal and carry exceptionally well, while still being comfortable. When worn correctly, thigh holsters can go unseen. In addition to easy concealability, most thigh gun holsters are adjustable and give you the option of carrying outside or inside the thigh.

Belly Band Holsters for Women

Belly Band Holsters are very versatile and great for women who can’t or don’t want to wear a gun belt. They are a popular and comfortable way to effectively conceal a firearm. These holsters work great with many clothing options and sit across your abdomen. Though some may argue that this style limits accessibility, a well-designed belly band holster is adjustable and gives you the versatility of wearing it higher or lower on your abdomen.

Corset Holster for Women

In comparison, a cousin to the belly band is the corset holster. These gun holsters are perfect for women who want the safety of carrying with the structural benefits of shapewear. Not only are they designed to hug your curves, but corset holsters come in a variety of styles for you to choose from and can be a flattering alternative to traditional holsters.

Ready to Break-In Your New Holster?

Choosing the best gun holster style for women takes some thoughtful consideration and a bit of trial and error. Looking for a place to break in your new holster? Check out one of our SGA Women’s Events. We are currently hosting monthly Girl & a Gun Women’s Shooting League events “Girl’s Night Out” and “Breakfast and Bullets” at both our SGA Spring, TX and SGA Crosby, TX locations. Contact us today about an event or purchasing your next firearm.

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