4 Gun Storage Ideas Every Owner Should Know About!

Buying a gun is a lot like getting your first tattoo: you never stop with just one. In turn, you start to run into a problem with how to store these guns properly. Add into the mix a new family and gun storage now becomes an even bigger component of your life. But where and how should you store these guns? More importantly, what’s best for your situation? Don’t worry, we have some tips on gun storage ideas that can help just about every gun owner from the collector to the personal defense buyer. Here are four gun storage ideas you can implement in your home right now.

  1. Gun Cabinets
  2. Gun Safe (fingerprint safe, steel safe)
  3. Display Case
  4. Hidden compartments with trigger locks

Gun Cabinets

For the purposes of this article and conducting your search, you should understand that the terms ‘gun cabinets’ and ‘gun safes’ are used interchangeably. If you were to search “gun cabinets” online, you’ll also find plenty of steel safes among your search results. For our purposes, we’re going to suggest that a gun cabinet is usually made out of wood and not steel. This is for the owner that isn’t so much worried about security from theft but wants to display their guns while also providing a preventative measure should children be around. This is one of the best gun storage ideas because you can use a gun cabinet as one of your centerpieces in your home. Oftentimes, you’ll find wood gun cabinets with edged glass that have intricate designs. Options range from padded gun cabinets with soft materials to more bare-bones options.

Size, shape, and design all vary between manufacturers, and you should figure out what you need exactly before you go shopping. Think about how many guns you own now, and how many you plan to own in the future. The last thing you want to do is buy a piece of equipment only to find that you can’t fit all of your guns in there.

Gun Safe

If you grew up you’re around guns, then you’re probably familiar with gun safes. If not, a gun safe is just like a safe for money, except it is designed with areas to store your rifles and handguns. They’re usually made with steel and provide not only protection from children entering in but thieves as well. They can be as small as the size of a handgun or be as large as a person and weigh hundreds of pounds. This can be a great option for owners looking for security from both children and criminals. However, due to their size, most gun safes aren’t portable. Additionally, they provide enough space for a shotgun or handgun for home defense.

Gun safes are a great gun storage idea because they provide the most protection for your weapons. Most people can’t pick up a safe, and most criminals don’t know how to properly break into them during a home break-in. The firearm industry has also made a ton of improvements over the years. You have your traditional lock and key, but now you have pin code verification, fingerprint scanners, and more to choose from. Gun safes offer the highest form of protection for your guns. However, you shouldn’t go for cheap when trying to safely store your guns. Quality matters which is why you should do your research before purchasing a gun safe. Make sure to talk with an expert and friends. You want your gun safe to be secure but functional.

Want something secure like a safe but has mobility? Consider grabbing a gun case that includes a combination lock or areas to use a padlock.

Display Case

If you’re a gun collector then there are a lot of guns you probably want to show off to people. One of the best gun storage ideas for you should be finding a display case that will accentuate your guns. Gun display cases come in all types, from housing a single rifle or pistol to showing a selection of guns. These types of cases can range in price but expect to pay $100 or more, as they often come with lighting features, soft materials to not damage the gun, and special glass. Some may contain special etchings or a plaque to tell a little bit more about the gun.

While this can be a great way to show off your weapons, it’s not the ideal choice for mass gun storage. You may use a display case in conjunction with a gun safe or gun cabinet to make your dollar go farther. Display cases are also not necessarily the most child-friendly, as the guns are usually meant to be easily accessible. This option is probably not best for you if you have children around.

Hidden compartments with trigger locks

One of the best reasons to buy a gun is for self-defense, and because of this many gun owners want fast access to their guns in the event of an emergency such as a home invasion or break-in. This often means that gun owners will turn to things such as concealment furniture and hiding guns in drawers or other compartments. If you do decide to go down that route and you have children, it’s important to still point out how safety should be your top priority. Consider using trigger locks, keeping the gun unloaded, storing the ammo in a different location, and teaching your children about firearm safety. A couple of hidden gun storage ideas you could try are:

  •   Behind a painting
  •   Underneath the bed
  •   Behind a clock
  •   Hidden shelf under the drawer
  •   Hidden within a book
  •   Hidden gun rack in bench

There are tons of options to choose from and you can choose from pre-made objects to fully customized ones. However, make sure you understand the risks of possibly keeping a firearm close to children, especially if you are going to keep them loaded.

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